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Excusive Attorney Lead Generation for Lawyers & Law Firms

We know that you might need social media, or a website, or SEO, but ultimately what you want is more leads, more customers, and more business! If you are looking for exclusive attorney leads, attorney lead generation, lawyer leads, legal leads then you are at the right place.

Exclusive attorney leads for your practice

We provide only high-quality exclusive attorney leads and geo-targeted legal Leads to you. No one else will have those leads. You chose when you want to receive the calls and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

How does the Attorney Lead Generation Service work?

All of the exclusive lawyer leads that we generate will be from people who see our marketing and are actively searching for an attorney in your city to solve their problem. We can set a call tracking number, which automatically forwards the call to your phone. So you will be speaking to the lead right at the moment when they are actually looking for a lawyer in your practice area, in your city.

We can also connect the call directly to your phone without the call tracking system. You get to decide.

How much does an exclusive attorney lead cost?

The price per exclusive legal lead will be determined by your location and your practice area. We can also set up a lead generation campaign for a flat fee, no matter how many leads your law firm gets.

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Our Attorney Lead Generation service can generate live call leads for any area of practice. Here are some examples below :

What's the Process of our Arttorney Lead Generation



You chose what practice area and which city you want to target.

Choose Budget & Schedule

You decide how many exclusive attorney leads you want and when to receive the calls.

We Advertise

Our Attorney Lead generation service starts sending you laser-targeted legal leads. Get ready to receive hot exclusive attorney leads.

You anwser Calls

Now you should answer calls and convert the hot exclusive attorney leads that we send to you.

Would you like you to be connected with hot exclusive attorney leads that are actively looking for you?

Our Attorney Lead Generation service will give you tremendous results. With the quality of legal leads that we will send to you, you will be amazed and will ask for more. All you have to do is to click the button below for a FREE Quote with no obligation. Please specify which practice area(s) and area(s) you are targeting in the detail box.

What are Attorney Leads?

Attorney leads are real people currently experiencing a problem for which they need an attorney to solve it.  There are exclusive attorney leads and those that are non-exclusive.

There are over 1.25 millions lawyers in the US alone.  If you are now actively searching for the best attorney lead generation service to get leads for your practice, another lawyer will get those leads.

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable lawyer leads company, then you are at the right place. Click the button below to get a free quote.

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Source: Statistica.com


What is Exclusive Attorney Leads?

Exclusive attorney leads are legal leads that are provided to one attorney or law firm.  You don’t have to compete with anyone when you receive this type of lead since you are the only one receiving the lead details.

Attorney Lead Generation with Newspaper Advertising

The first good old newspaper ads are kind of outdated. They go stale very quickly because it has the same leadership and unless you’re catering to a very very elderly crowd newspaper.  

Newspaper advertising is not an effective attorney lead generation method. These ads won’t get you great results at all. 


Attorney Lead Generation with Billboards Advertising


Billboards can get you some results but they’re more for branding. They’re very expensive and again billboard companies are going to try to get you into a 6-month contract because they know that after the first two months of your billboard being up, your results are going to go down dramatically because it’s the same people driving by those billboards typically every day.

Yes, billboards could be generating exclusive leads for lawyers but it is not the most effective way to get live attorney leads.


Attorney Lead Generation with TV Advertising 

TV is very expensive and again is mostly like for branding purposes because it’s a very low return on investment (ROI) that you get from TV.  In most cases,  lawyers can’t even afford TV advertising.  The ads are very pricey.  

Nowadays, you can’t expect TV advertising to be a good exclusive lawyer lead generation source.


Attorney Lead Generation with  Radio Advertising

Radio is another outdated one and another method to get exclusive lawyer leads and again you will most likely reach an elderly crowd and it will be the same people listening to the radio so you’re going to have those ads get outdated pretty quickly.

In other words, do not count on the radio to find hot leads for attorneys.


If you want to generate high-quality exclusive leads for attorneys, Google ads is what we recommend.

The Most Effective Way To Generate Leads For Attorneys

But where to find attorney leads? Let’s look at what many other law firms try to do to get high-quality attorney legal leads.

We use Google Ads, the hands-down number one way to generate high-quality exclusive attorney leads that turn into clients and grow your law practice right now. This works in any niche of the law and you’re about to see exactly how.  


You probably didn’t become a lawyer because you always dreamed of working 14-hour days just to make a hundred grand or maybe a couple of hundred grand a year while you barely ever see your friends or family right? Because that’s the reality for most lawyers.

But there is a better way and if you keep reading, you’re going to learn a proven way to get out of the lawyer Rat Race that so many lawyers, unfortunately, get trapped in and become an entrepreneurial lawyer that has other lawyers working hard for you while you reap the benefits and, have more time to spend with your family and friends. 


How do lawyers get leads?

You are probably wondering where do lawyers get their leads from? Here’s what you’re about to learn. What most lawyers are currently doing to get exclusive law firm leads.

Creating optimized Google ads for law firms is the number one way for lawyers in any niche of the law to generate high-quality legal leads for attorneys that turn into clients fast.

Also, you are going to learn how you can generate four times as many exclusive attorney leads for your business in the next week using the strategy.  

If you have to generate new high-quality exclusive lawyer leads that turn into clients for your law firm business fast, what would you do? 

With our lead generation for attorneys service, you can get started or request more information by filling out ourquick quote request here.

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Ways to generate leads for lawyers



Attorney lead generation with Google Ads 

Now let’s look at what the new up-and-coming lawyers are doing which is Google, and note this is not about SEO(search engine optimization). This is by far the fastest way to generate high-quality legal leads for lawyers fast.

Using the Internet, specifically via Google and again this is not about lawyer SEO.  So here’s the question: what is the biggest difference between Google and all of these other forms of advertising that you’ve seen so far here on this page?

The difference is that Google is hands down the best way to get exclusive leads for lawyers. Google is king when it comes to attorney leads marketing because when a client is searching on Google, they are a red hot lead that is searching, finding, and calling you.

They have already taken an action and are much closer to becoming a client than someone that you interrupt with your advertising on Facebook, TV, radio, billboards, newspaper, and other types of Interruption advertising.

You’re trying to catch someone’s attention who’s not specifically looking for your service. Google lawyer lead generation method is exactly the opposite. 

Google leads are the hottest exclusive legal leads and the most high-quality leads because someone if someone goes on Google and types in a search looking for your service, that person really needs your service. In other words, if someone is typing attorney in “city”, if you’re from Dallas and someone is typing in personal injury attorney in Dallas, that is a red-hot lead.

It does not get any hotter than that when they find you at the top of Google.  That’s why we are able to get the best leads with our attorney lead generation services.

If you are looking to grow your law practice, you can trust our exclusive lawyer lead services. 

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Can you ignore Google for legal lead generation?

Here’s why you can’t ignore Google anymore.  Many lawyers ignored Google for many years and you might have been able to get away with ignoring Google before, but look at the growth chart here and especially from 2011 to 2012 the number of searches on Google.  


As of today, there are more than 5.6 billion searches per day on Google.


This number is going to keep growing especially with the increasing amount of people searching from their smartphones on the internet on Google as well as just everyone using Google on a day-to-day basis more and more.

So those who ignore Google in this day and age are going to be left behind.  If you’re a lawyer and you think that you don’t need to be on Google and advertising on Google then you’re making a big mistake.

If you really want to grow your business and you’re serious about achieving this goal, then you should realize by now that the Internet is a future and  Google is the number one search engine that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

We have been using Google along with other lawyer marketing strategies to consistently generate attorney leads that turned into clients in 1 week or less.

We provide top-quality exclusive attorney lead services.  Fill out our quick quote form here to get started.

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SEO vs Google Ads for Attorney lead generation

Law firm SEO is always a great long-term investment trying to get your website up there on the top 5 organic search results.  It is an extremely effective way to do lead generation for attorneys.  However, it can be really difficult to reach the top 5 positions on page one.   If you get on top five, there is no way to predict when this will happen.

Google Ads is the only way how to get exclusive attorney leads in less than one week and be at the top of Google for hundreds of different keywords and keyword variations.


The reason why lawyers that are managing their Google ads themselves is that most lawyers don’t even realize this they don’t even have a landing page where to send the traffic to.  We also see lots of attorneys sending the visitors to an awful and not optimized landing page.

Many times if you do a search on Google and you click on the ad, lawyers will send you straight to their main website with hundreds of different links and all this information about them and their company that is not what gets traffic to convert.

If you want to convert your traffic into leads, into people picking up the phone and calling you you need a high-converting landing page. A page that specifically made for people that click on your ad and land on that page and it gets them into picking up the phone and call you right away.

We build good high-converting landing pages that will convert your visitors into potential clients that will pick up the phone and call you.  

An optimized landing page is crucial and you will be able to see what that does to the results of your campaign.

If you ever had a Google Ads campaign before and never gotten the results that you wanted with your exclusive attorney lead gen campaign, and your campaign failed it’s probably because of some of these reasons we have just mentioned. 


Attorney live leads on the phone

With our lead generation for lawyers service, we can get you exclusive law leads live on the phone.  These are live attorney leads while they are still hot ready to buy.


Effective Lead gen for lawyers

Amongst all of our lawyer marketing services, we provide one of the best lead gen for lawyers service on the market.  You will get served by one of the best attorney lead companies and your satisfaction is our top priority.  Take a moment to fill our free quote request and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.