Create a successful advertisement for your law firm vith a video

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September 21, 2017
How to make a Lawyer youtube video? [recording and editing]
April 15, 2021

Today, video traffic represents 75% of content on the Internet and it will reach 84% in 2020 (Cisco study, February 2019). This success can be explained in particular by the average attention span of an Internet user: eight seconds. By playing on images, sound, and animations, a video calls out, attracts attention, and promotes memorization on your website, your social networks and in the online press.

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The objectives of a presentation video

It is the animated business card of your activity, presents your activity, and gives a voice to the members of the team. It is a great way to communicate all the key information about your practice and to develop your notoriety by disseminating it as widely as possible. Differentiate yourself from competitors by bringing your personal touch, whether by presenting your offices, talking about your values, or telling your story.

A video is the best way to convey a message by provoking emotions, quite the opposite of an impersonal brochure!

The 3 steps to making an effective video

Favor short videos (one minute) and take care of the first few seconds to make you want to watch the rest. Video capture and an interview on your premises is a particularly suitable format for law firms. Your goal? Combine professionalism and people!

1. Write your brief carefully

Reference document clarifies your objectives, defines the perimeter of the video, and guides your videographer. Before filming, decide on the number of people to interview, the duration of the video, the location of the filming, the equipment. Helped by your director, you will then write the script (provisional process).

2. Trust a professional

Several options are available to you for the realization. A communication agency guarantees you total control, while a freelance videographer is more economical but implies that you know precisely what you want. Platforms can be a good compromise. You work with the best freelancers and are supported by a dedicated project manager, from the brief to the final rendering.

3. Take care of the details

Editing includes sound, voiceover recording, cuts, and video wrapping (like intro, fence, and text inserts). Your logo, your name, your address are essential elements. Finally, plan a version with subtitles for social networks.

The Predictive trick: how to properly reference your videos on Youtube?

Create a dedicated Youtube channel on behalf of your firm to make yourself available in search engines.
Adopt an impactful description with a clear title like a slogan, a neat description because it plays a big role in your natural referencing (SEO), the right keywords (your specialty, your city, the type of firm, your values).

Include the useful links to refer to your website, your social networks, the link to your last column in the press …