How to make a Lawyer youtube video? [recording and editing]

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March 21, 2021
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April 15, 2021

The problem with Youtube videos for lawyers:
I have met a lot of lawyers who don’t want to create Youtube videos for fear of getting negative opinions from bad people.

Don’t be afraid of criticism. Criticism allows you to improve. The product is you, the lawyer. So show yourself.

Positive reviews are much more common than negative reviews.

I remind you that the video is the preferred content of the litigant. It is essential in the digitalization of a law firm in 2020.

The solution to easily create Youtube videos for lawyers

The majority of lawyers are comfortable behind a camera but few of them take the leap.

They mistakenly think that you have to be a videographer to get started.

There are two major obstacles for them:

-the material (while a phone is sufficient)

-the editing (while a mobile application is sufficient)

I show you all this in the video above

Vincent Terryn


Marketing lawyer
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